Manchester United obtained European Glory, and have won the only trophy which was absent from their trophy case, that is, the Europa League.

United started off the game very brightly and Paul Pogba helped United go 1-0 up against Ajax, early on in the game. United were rock solid at the back, and didn’t let Ajax penetrate their defence.

United then doubled their lead about two minutes after the halftime interval courtesy of an acrobatic finish from Henrikh Mkhitaryan making it 6 goals in this competition.

1) Ajax, Not Enough Experience

Ajax had an average age of 22 years coming into this huge European final, and we believe that experience played a huge role in United dominating Ajax and sending them back home without the trophy.

Every side needs a leader, and not taking anything away from Davy Klaassen,Ajax needs more experience to bolster their squad.

2) Mourinho, Successful Season?

Jose Mourinho has won three titles at United in his debut season. The Community Shield, the EFL CUP and the UEFA Europa League, although these trophies aren’t considered as major by many, these victories will surely allow the Red Devils to go into the new season with full confidence and hopefully help them to succeed even further.

3) Last Appearance for Rooney & Co?

Three evergreen players for United have their future in doubts, and all these players played a huge part in the victory in the final. Thus, this might contemplate Jose from thinking twice from selling these players.