In a recent turn of events, Arsenal and Manchester City could have to replay their Carabao Cup ties. A probe has been set up to check if the clubs violated the rules regarding substitution in extra time in last night’s game.

The Premier League duo were made to work in the League Cup ties. Eventually, they managed to pick the wins after regulation time.

Arsenal picked a 2-1 win against Norwich City whereas Manchester City required penalties to go past the Wolves. But they will have wait as it seems like the clubs have broken rules in the extra time.

Carabao Cup Rule 10 states –

Each team is permitted up to seven substitutes of whom not more than three may take part in the match.

Where any match goes to extra-time each club will be permitted to use an additional sub (in extra-time only).

According to the above statements, clubs can only make one substitution during extra time. But referees, Andy Madley and Kevin Friend allowed the Premier League clubs to make two substitutions last night.

In the post press conference, Arsene Wenger was confident that his side has not done anything wrong. When asked if Arsenal’s subs were fair, he replied saying “Yes.”

Norwich boss Daniel Farke replied that he was aware of the rule change but was confused about it.

I think the rule has changed but it is complicated.

At least Norwich City knew about an ongoing probe. Wolves who took the game to penalties at the Etihad were unaware about the possibility of a replay.

It will be interesting to see what will be the result of the ongoing probe into the events. A replay would give joy to the losers of last night. However, Arsenal and Manchester City will be disappointed as it will also add to their already busy schedule.