Premier League 2017/2018 – A Thrilling Spectacle

Another intriguing season of the Barclays Premier League has almost elapsed, leaving the footballing world with an array of memorable junctures, victories, smiles, heartbreaks and of course, drama. Pep Guardiola set the tone by splashing the cash in the summer transfer window, which eventually has turned out to be the main reason for their glory.

Manchester City have proved to be one step ahead of their counterparts throughout the campaign, tearing records and defences apart. A floundering title defence for champions Chelsea has yet again created an aura of disharmony and uncertainty at Stamford Bridge. While Manchester United have largely been successful in terms of victories and clean sheets, Jose Mourinho has failed to catch hold of the Shark team.

Spurs and Liverpool have contributed to the league’s legacy with some breathtaking, sublime football. The latter has brought about a different dimension to what an attacking side can possess, as Mohamed Salah and co. have created a nerve-wracking ordeal for their opponents, more often than not.

Elsewhere, the Clarets have fairly impressed, plotting tight defences and relying on subtle moments to claim maximum points. The battle at the bottom is a trademark attraction in this league, as eleven teams scrambled it out against each other in a much-heated skirmish. In the end, Stoke City, West Bromwich Albion and Swansea City (effectively) have witnessed the drop.  These encounters have gone on till the final couple of matchdays, illustrating the intensity of this competition.

Premier League 2018/19 – Season Preview

It is no doubt that if a man is capable of winning the prestigious PL trophy twice in a row, he must be of Pep Guardiola’s breed. Hence, Manchester City, who currently boast a dense squad with oozing quality, are expected to be the pacesetters next term too.

If José Mourinho can beef up his troops with a couple of stellar inclusions in the transfer window, and well, avoid his infamous ‘third season syndrome’, the Red Devils can pose a scare and bring glory back to the red half of Manchester.

All eyes will be on Jose Mourinho this upcoming season

Tottenham Hotspur, who can rip any side apart on their day, need to start finding a season winning formula. After successful seasons, outfits in Burnley, Newcastle and Brighton will only look to bolster their ranks and climb higher. Two exciting newcomers – Wolverhampton and Cardiff City – who are directly promoted – are expected to play more fearlessly than an average newbie.

Meanwhile, unambitious teams have often been relegated if they maintain their mediocre status. The same has been witnessed by West Bromwich Albion and Stoke City, who would usually occupy the top half on the table with minimum desire to go upwards. This only means that teams like Southampton, Bournemouth and West Ham need to vary of the forthcoming challenges.

Lastly, no one can predict what Chelsea have in store for us, as only they have the ability to swerve up and down across the PL table. However, given the amount of dedication Roman Abramovich has with respect to the club, we can expect a spending spree from the West London club’s management.

The Art of Placing Right Bets – Vital Tips & Leads

Betting is an art. Along with a pinch of luck, a lot of mind, tactics and awareness goes into this aspect of the sport. Firstly, one must be cognizant of the basics of betting. Bet only if you are aware of the entire situation from both parties playing the match.

Play to your strengths and if in doubt, cut it out. For example, if Arsenal and Liverpool lock horns with each other, it is quite obvious, from the recent stats and their attacking finesse, that goals are expected. Hence, only then select the option where both teams will score.

Next, make sure you revisit and revise the options and price chosen by the best in the business, as it only improves your performance. Thirdly, choosing the right type of bet is crucial. Having a prerequisite knowledge of each team, their recent form and performance index is vital.

Lastly, it’s important to play safe and secure. It is better to place smaller bets and build on, instead of trying to shake the betting agency with an overambitious plan. Always make sure that a cash limit is scripted on the back of your mind.

For next season, risk your money on teams like Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur, who seem to play consistent football. The Gunners, who currently have the second-best home record, can be favoured when they enjoy their home comforts. David De Gea can be relied upon as a Golden Glove aspirant, hence, don’t shy away from placing a bid on the table for the shot-stopper.

De Gea has been one of Premier League’s most consistent performers between the sticks over the seasons

While one can’t expect Burnley to score goals, they can’t chalk off their defensive prowess either. It is better to stay away from teams like Watford, West Ham and Leicester City, who usually endure rollercoaster campaigns. If placing a bet on who will be amongst the goals, analyse the opponent’s defensive style and structure and see to it that it synchronizes with his strengths. His recent form and goal scoring tally against that particular team can be looked upon too.